Best Wheel Alignment and Balancing Place in Reno

Get a smooth ride with a wheel alignment.

We inspect and adjust the camber, the caster, and toe and consult on wheel balancing for domestic, European and Asian vehicles.

Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

Vehicle Pulls to One Side

Your car should drive straight ahead with very little effort on the steering wheel. You can perform this check yourself by driving in an empty parking lot with very little effort or pressure on your wheel. Don’t perform this check without your hands on the steering wheel, that is not necessary, slight effort is fine to determine if your car is pulling. If it is, it’s time to have your alignment checked and corrected.

Steering Wheel is Off-Center

When you’re driving straight down a flat road, your steering wheel should be sitting close to perfectly straight. The vehicle emblem in the center of the steering wheel should appear level to you. If the wheel is off center even slightly in either direction, it’s time to have an alignment performed. This will return your steering wheel to center and improve your driving experience.

Vehicle Handling Feels Loose or Unstable

This sucks the fun out of driving because your car feels like it’s not completely under your control. Maybe it’s wandering all over the road when driving, or feels loose and sloppy around corners. If your vehicle feels a bit unstable while driving, you should have the alignment checked, then corrected if necessary.

Now that you’ve read about alignment, if you are wondering if you need an alignment in Reno, you probably DO.

Wheel Alignment Places Near Me

Believe it or not, your car's alignment affects your driving experience as well as the life of your tires. Want to save money on auto maintenance? Get an alignment. When the balance and alignment on your tires is off, it can cause uneven wear and tear on the tires, causing them to wear out faster, meaning you replace them sooner.

Reno Wheel Balancing and Alignment

For expert wheel alignment and preventative car care advice to ensure your vehicle stays safe and drives normally, come by Complete Auto Service – we’re here to help. We fix everything quickly and correctly.

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