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Why Nevada Auto Diagnostics?

We are a locally owned and operated auto repair shop with an emphasis on customer service, accurate estimates and fair pricing for all.

Full Service for All Makes and Models

Our ASE certified technicians can fix any make and model of car, truck, SUV, RV or fleet vehicle.

Fair Pricing for All

We don't offer coupons to some people and turn around and jack prices up on others. Nothing is free - we aim for FAIR.

Stellar Work Guaranteed

We offer one of the area's best nationwide guarantees, 2 years/24,000 miles.

We can help you save at the pumps

Routine maintenance is more important than ever, and can increase your car's efficiency and performance. Save gas in Reno with auto maintenance.


Auto Repair Services

These are just some of the automotive services we offer for American, Asian and European vehicles.

Transmission Repair

Rebuilds, service and repair, and flush for automatic and manual (standard) transmissions.

Brake Repair

Certified techs perform brake inspections, service and repair for all makes and models in Reno.

Oil Changes

The best and fastest oil change in South Reno is at Nevada Auto Diagnostics.

Wheel Alignment

Having your car’s alignment ‘off’ wears out steering and suspension parts, and causes irregular wear to your tires.

Engine Service

Whether you need a tune-up, a rebuild or complete engine replacement, we've got you covered.


Is your check engine light on? Come by and get onto our state-of-the-art diagnostic computer.

Preventative Maintenance

We can help you keep your car in compliance with your warranty. Schedule an appointment today.

Auto Heat and AC

It's a real problem when your car's air conditioning or heating aren't working correctly. We can help.

Diesel Smogs

We handle gas, light duty diesel, heavy duty diesel, diagnostic & repair, and registration

Make your car great again!

Reno Auto Diagnostics is here to help with your car.



Nevada Auto Diagnostics is your one-stop shop for everything having to do with automotive repair. Located in Reno, we are a mechanic shop offer a range of auto repair services from transmission work, auto diagnostics, and brake repair to engine services and maintenance. Our goal is to have every customer’s car is fixed to their satisfaction and that they get quickly back onto the road. We have certified technicians who undergo regular internal training, and can fix a variety of makes and models of cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles. Whether you've got an SUV, truck, sedan, or minivan, you can bring your vehicle to us with confidence. Fleet Vehicles Welcome!

We strive for excellence with every interaction, from your first phone call to post-service follow up, Some of our services are:

Vehicle diagnostics: We use our state-of-the-art diagnostics system to find out what's wrong with your car with the precision necessary so we can fix it quickly and correctly.

Brake repair and service: We offer preventative brake checks, new pads and rotors, competitive brake repair specials, and the services you need to drive safely and confidently.

Engine service and repair: You know when something isn't right with your engine, you can feel it, hear it, and sometimes see it. If it's stalling, idling strangely, or doing something that's just plain abnormal, our Ann Arbor mechanics have the experience and certifications to spot the problem and help you make your car great again.

Preventative maintenance: We recommend you follow your vehicle manufacturer's scheduled maintenance plan so you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. We perform check engine light diagnostics every day.

Transmissions: Transmissions are not fun or cheap to fix. We'll identify any problems and fix it right the first time. We can help you keep your transmission operating smoothly, and keep your ride fun.

Tires, Rotation, & Wheel Alignment: This is where the rubber meets the road. Bring your car in to Nevada Auto Diagnostics in Reno to maintain your tires with tire rotations, wheel alignments, tire repair or new tires.

Here's how we work: we diagnose your vehicle and provide you with a detailed report and explanation of the issues we find to fix. We also give you an estimate of when your car will be ready for you after repairs. Your time is important, so we often get our customers in and out the same day. We don't just care for your car, we care for YOU too.

Bring your car to Nevada Auto Diagnostics in Reno for expert, fast repair, stellar customer service, and a waiting room with free coffee. Visit us on Louie Lane, and let our mechanics help you make your car great again!


What payment methods do you take?

American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Cash

Do you have free WiFi?

Yes, just ask when you get to the shop and we'll provide the login.

Can you work on my make and model of car?

Call the shop to find out if we can service your specific make and model.