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From start to finish, we've got you covered for Emissions: Gas, Light Duty Diesel, Heavy Duty Diesel, Diagnostic & Repair, Registration. If your vehicle doesn't pass inspection, we can fix it for you and test it again.

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Need a Diesel Smog in Reno?

Emissions a.k.a smog tests analyze the levels of hazardous emissions produced by combustion engines that escape into the air. The purpose of emission testing is to improve air quality for everyone by decreasing pollutants from vehicles. 

Diesel Smog Places Near Me

Emission inspections are required for most initial vehicle registrations, and Nevada requires annual renewals for vehicle owners within heavily populated and urban counties of Clark and Washoe. 

Reno Diesel Smog

Trucks, cars, SUVs and recreational vehicles are required to have state smog tests if they are gas powered, diesel powered (up to 14,000 pounds), or are newer vehicles on their third registration. Hybrids are exempt from smog testing for five years. Nevada Auto Diagnostics can help you with your smog check, and if you don't pass, we can perform the necessary repairs and get you back on the road.

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